At Freddie, we believe that doing laundry shouldn’t harm the planet or your skin. That’s why we use only the highest quality ingredients in our detergent sheets. From the packaging to the formula inside, we’ve taken every step to make sure that our products are both effective and environmentally responsible. So go ahead, explore our ingredients and see for yourself why Freddie is the best choice for your laundry needs.
  • Protease

    Protease is an enzyme that helps to break down proteins, which are often found in tough stains like grass, blood, and sweat. When added to our laundry detergent sheets, protease works by breaking down these proteins into smaller molecules that are more easily washed away. This makes Freddie’s detergent sheets highly effective at removing even the toughest stains from your clothes.

  • Glycerin

    Glycerin is a natural compound that is commonly used in skincare products due to its moisturizing properties. In laundry detergent sheets, glycerin acts as a fabric softener, helping to keep your clothes feeling soft and smooth. It also helps to protect your fabrics by reducing friction and static cling, which can cause damage to fibers over time.

  • Tea Seed Oil

    Tea Seed oil is a natural surfactant that is derived from the seeds of the tea plant. In laundry detergent sheets, tea seed oil helps to create a rich lather that effectively lifts dirt and grime from your clothes. It also has excellent cleaning properties, making it a great alternative to harsh chemical surfactants.

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol

    Polyvinyl Alcohol is a water-soluble film that is commonly used in laundry detergents and other household products. When added to our detergent sheets, polyvinyl alcohol creates a thin film that dissolves in the wash, releasing our powerful cleaning formula to your clothes. It is also biodegradable, making it a great environmentally friendly alternative to other types of film-forming agents.

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Complete Ingredients List

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

  • CAS: 151-21-3
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant

Polyvinyl Alcohol

  • CAS: 9002-89-5
  • FUNCTION: Dissolvable film


  • CAS: 7732-18-5
  • FUNCTION: Solvent

Alkyl Ethoxy Polyglycosides

  • CAS: 1654752-70-1
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant, Stabilizing agent


  • CAS: 56-81-5
  • FUNCTION: Solvent, Preservative, Emulsifier, Cleaning agent

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

  • CAS: 61789-40-0
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant, Antistatic

Lauramido-propylamine Oxide

  • CAS: 61792-31-2
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant

Lauryl Glucoside

  • CAS: 110615-47-9
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant, Cleaning agent

Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

  • CAS: 51981-21-6
  • FUNCTION: Cleaning agent, Builder

Trisodium Citrate

  • CAS: 68-04-2
  • FUNCTION: pH regulating agent, Chelating agent, Builder


  • CAS: 8047-15-2
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant

Saponins, Quillaja saponaria

  • CAS: 74499-23-3
  • FUNCTION: Surfactant

Sunflower Seed Oil

  • CAS: 8001-21-6
  • FUNCTION: Conditioner

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Seed Oil

  • CAS: 68916-73-4
  • FUNCTION: Conditioner

Citric Acid

  • CAS: 77-92-9
  • FUNCTION: pH regulating agent, Chelating agent, Preservative, Cleaning agent


  • CAS: 9014-01-1
  • FUNCTION: Active enzyme protein

Fragrance (Except Fragrance Free)

  • CAS: N/A
  • FUNCTION: Perfuming

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